Caedmon Mullin

Hi, this is just somewhere for me to stick bits and bobs I'm working on while not doing my proper job (CTO @

Recent experiments

Music Responsive Pose Cam

Use Posenet to identify human poses and adding some simple effects so that it responds to music, this was created to be projected behind the bar at a music night.


This uses TensorFlow and COCO combined with images from Selman Design to create a camera view made up of clipart.

Along with the main project you can also find a remote CCTV version: camera | viewer

Petri Dish

An experiment in artificial evolution, watch these coloured "creatures" battle for food. The winning colour stays on with two mutations of itself.

Over time they learn to collect the food faster and faster.

View Image on Wall

View images of standaerd A1,2,3,4 aspect ratio on a wall. Handy in an iFrame triggered from a button in a webshop. Take a look here for examples:

Documentation for use

Draw some trees

Not much to this... just click and plant some random trees!